Mick Davis

Senior Compliance Advisor

Mick has over 30 years of experience in the safeguarding information operations. He's a Senior risk assessment advisor to provide context and de-confliction for operational implications for cyber related incidents. He is also an Information Operations expert with depth in specialized affects with the corresponding organizational sphere of equities to maintain statutory and service delivery competency.

Mick has worked as a Highly Qualified Expert (HQE) in systems analysis focused on rapid prototyping and systems requirements for USCYBERCOM.

He's fully capable of customizing and employing security and continuous monitoring operational process that meet Fed Ramp, Amazon Web Services GovCloud encompassing FIPS 199 leveraging Lean Six Sigma and ITIL standards to sustain cost effective mission assurance and compliance for third party assessment organization audits. Also capable of supporting and de-conflicting SOX, HIPPA, Graham Leech, NIST, and Cobit or ISO requirements.


Security Researcher, Senior Compliance Advisor

Cyber Fidelis

June 2012 – Present

Consultant for law enforcement, commercial, DoD and IC clients who require specialized innovation, development, performance and security solutions for their business intelligence, operations and security solutions.

Functions as a senior IT security consultant serving governance audit committee-initiated mitigations of findings for stakeholders of Fortune 500 clients. Most engagements are in markets serving the investment, healthcare, broadband and telecommunications providers. Deliverables are centered on advisory, development, and process design and actionable engineering results. This body of work also includes independent vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, audits and performance metrics development and forensic litigation support.

Also performs investment risk assessment, due diligence and oversight for investment partnerships.

Senior Security Strategist


April 2010 – June 2012

Highly Qualified Expert consultant to the Commander; USCYBERCOM: Security Strategist and Assessments Advisor for USCYBERCOM assigned to work with J3 operations along with the J0 Command staff team and J9 Future capabilities team providing the Commander strategic and doctrine level input to define success for cyber readiness, defense postures and key performance measures and indicators. Provided related Intelligence and technical consultation while proactively engaged at all levels inside and outside USCYBERCOM and USSTRATCOM on critical issues that affect the GIG and other aspects to the DOD and IC missions.

Champions targeted Command and Community agenda efforts at conferences and is a respected contributor to numerous USCYBERCOM, DoD and Federal working groups and author ad hoc advanced concepts, initiate point papers, perform detailed and summary analysis conclusions and lessons learned documentation.
Engaged in influence operations with relevant dialog to establish trusted and accountable relationships with and on behalf of the DIRNSA/USCYBERCOM Commander, General Officers/Flag Officers (GOFO), Program Executive Office (PEO) Managers and mission stakeholders where appropriate providing recommendations in characterizing problem spaces and associated solutions that span multiple legal statutes, DoD/CJCSM policies to assist Command/Services/Agencies/Field Activities in meeting critical cyber objectives.

Maintains areas of influence and effective lines of direct communication with policy makers, legal scholars and defense industry leaders. Coordinates with a wide range of leading subject matter experts for cyber security, Intelligence, telecommunications, information systems and is considered a prolific expert in security policy, legal frameworks, governance and systems architecture.

DoDIIS Worldwide Enterprise Architect and Strategist

Centauri Solutions

May 2009 – June 2010

Chief Architect, change agent and technical evangelist for improvement representing the office of the CIO and senior IT leadership at the Defense Intelligence Agency in a yearlong IT “reinvention” and re-imagination process. Vetted and selected 80% of initial technical leads and introduced organizational cultural transformation initiative supporting a global Intelligence IT delivery and service mission. Represented the agency in a 30+ week ODNI multi-agency Mission Data and Storage Management study effort and served as a significant coalition builder for re-defining the study effort to meet the sponsor’s intent.

Served as committee chair and supported CIO consolidation and realignment of the entire Department of Defense Intelligence Information System. (DODIIS). Independent infrastructure architect consultant providing team leadership for project management, procurement direction and guidance as well as relevant policy recommendations. Authored concepts of operation (CONOPS) and stopgap measures to establish and secure best practices during critical transition stages.

Lead and assisted in creating pilot programs, project migration plans, resource assessments and generated customer facing support and training documentation to improve fidelity for fiscal accountability, governance and dramatic user confidence gains. Reviewed and collaborated with sustainment and legacy staff to identify show stoppers and mitigate risk with critical elements in technical workflow, existing and approaches to facilitate acceptance.

Directly prepared leadership briefs, project budgets, acted as independent validation and verification of third party requirements. Assisted in development of QUAD/CIO MOU support and Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM) for Intelligence Community IC infrastructure optimization and consolidation between DIA, NSA, NGA and NRO.

Provided exclusive “one on one” confidential governance and intent policy consultation to key Senior Executive Service (SES) officers and all five DIA Defense Intelligence Senior Level (DISL) officers. Enabled prescriptive infrastructure expansion and served as ad-hoc Enterprise Architect for the development of new capabilities to provide complex applications for DoDIIS including Special Access Programs. Scoped and developed relationships, resources, timelines and success criteria for more than 100 Million Dollars of partnering and acquisitions activities in 2009 for the Defense Intelligence Agency in anticipation of the SITE Task Order Awards.

Chief Security Officer & Research Engineer

Data Fusion Corporation

Sep 2006 – May 2009

Serving as the Advanced Programs Manager for classified R&D effects projects for DoD and IC customers. Also served as Research Engineer for several proof of concept projects for Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Advanced Systems and Concepts), OSD, AFRL NAVAIR and MDA in signal processing and data sharing domains. Published and lead Author for topics such as Cross Domain Platforms, Digital Rights Management (CDP-DRM) System for OSD/AFRL 2007 and Patent Pending Dual-Role Encryption for Asset Management (DREAM™) for (MAC™) Mandatory Rights Control. Established configuration and change management processes for tracking and assessing expected and unexpected outcomes for research efforts.

Infrastructure and Compliance Consultant

Penobscot Enterprises International, Inc.

February 2005- July 2006

Served as a SETA subcontractor for IBM Global Services in Colorado Springs as a “rapid response” consultant to perform an Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) effort to mitigate troubled prime contractor performance conflict during transition period. Provided fundamental re-alignment framework surrounding controversial Special Access Program (SAP) managed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and sponsored by Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

Performed independent architecture analysis and provided recommendations for security and performance tuning to ensure the most efficient use of existing infrastructure.

For Thomson Scientific - served as independent business processes review as a pre-SOX compliance warm-up for an entire business unit due to be audited using a focused on utilizing the Lean Sigma Six methodologies. Served as an ERP and Migration consultant for the Thomson Scientific - Healthcare Division as a model to their PeopleSoft Migration strategy integrating 64 local Windows 2003 Servers and a collection of Linux Servers optimizing their ability to effectively collapse newly acquired companies into the Enterprise core fabric affecting more than 700 medical database developers and editorial physicians. Captured initial lessons learned and cookbooks were used as the model for 80,000-user migration and 17 mergers and acquisitions.

Senior Command Coordinator

LMR, Inc.

May 2004 – February 2005

Contributing Architect to Nation-wide infrastructure planning and ancillary hardware refresh for National Guard Bureau for Server, Exchange and Active Directory migration planning process. Reviewed and collaborated with Dell & EMC engineers, NGB and State Commands regarding performance specifications for a 54 site technical refresh within target Domains to host the Oracle based mobilization web application serving end users. Nominal database query time was critical and effective NAS configuration was a key performance factor. Organized sustaining engineering teams for Quest boot-camp training as part of the pre-migration activities using the Quest Domain Migration Wizard tool. Served as the official NGB site representatives in the field for 9 states briefing each The Adjutant General (TAG) and one of the NGB-JFHQ representative for the remaining 45 Commands. Developed the overall communication plan and briefed project requirements and goals to each Command.

Chief Technical Officer / Principal

Response Technologies, Inc.

Sept 2002 – May 2004

Served as an investment principal providing growth to facilitate political agenda. Facilitated and managed Bush/Chaney Campaign account managing demographic message, production, risk mitigation and cost controls for direct mail products servicing the needs of the RNC and Presidential Election.

Chief Technical Officer / Principal

ETS Capital Management

July 2001 – Sept 2002

Served as an investment principal and Chief Technical Officer for private hedge fund and on-line day trading services. Maintained the core technical role between client traders, management and vendors. Contributed relationship and capital for a 20-seat trading floor, hedge fund and institutional bank. Carried out technical due diligence, risk assessment and mitigation strategies for all Fund-to-Fund infrastructure requirements and operations.

Founding Principal

High Speed Access Corporation

August 1997 – August 1999

Founding principal and chief solutions architect, who developed business and technical model, staged initial public offering and financing efforts, growth initiatives, prototyping, sales channel solutions and analyzing test markets. Responsible for setting up regional and two nation-wide service centers as well as security, network operations center and ISP content facilities. Opened 33 exurban markets within 18 months with 1-Billion market cap at IPO. Elected to the American Cable Television Board 2000-2001 as associate Director of the Board focused agenda on broadband Internet services and FCC policy.

VETERAN (Honorable Discharge with Decorations)

United States Army Guard

2005 to 2008

56th TIOG – Theater Information Operations Group, 156th IO Battalion, Army Web Risk Assessment Cell (Social Media Counter Intelligence), Army RCERT, CND Cell Fort Shafter, HI, Army J3/J6, NSA / NETCOM 9th Signal / Policy

General Support Battalion/ Special Cyber Warfare Operations Group

Serving in the Army National Guard, Information Operations Support Command at Camp Murray, Tacoma Washington as Security Chief for a small team of highly skilled technical staff in certifying network policies and procedures, vulnerability assessments and testing network defense systems and staff across DoD and Government Agencies. Supported first Social Networks OPSEC Program for NETCOM/AWRAC assigned to Fort Huachuca.

OPSEC Team member for DISA FSO Audit Team 2005 - 2007. Lead Technical Observer and Army (TIOG) Theater Information Operations Group Exercise Liaison for HQ USPACOM. 2006 – 2007 and Quick Reaction Force Red Team Member assigned to JFCC-NW, Fort George Meade, MD.

United States Navy

1982 to 1986 (Active Duty) 1986 to 2005 (Reserves)

Combat Aircrew with over 4,000 flight hours in Navy ISR Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance patrol aircraft based in Brunswick Maine VP-44, VP-MAU, VP-10, based in Washington DC, VP-68, TSC-0966, VP-92, based in Maine, VP-94 based in New Orleans, and VP-65 based in Southern California. Senior (EWO) electronic warfare analyst/technician in related Intelligence data collection systems/operations. Other duties include Assistant Security Manager and Selected Reserves Training Officer. Duties included Combat Aircrew 5, VP-65 Tridents based in Naval Air Station Mugu, Ventura County California. P-3 Update III. Collateral duties; assistant Tactics Officer in developing (TTP) tactics, techniques and procedures. Updated NP4 qualification May 2003.Highest Security Clearance Level: TS//SCI/CI and select Special Access Programs (SAP).

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