Our team created the fundamental building blocks for CMMC and defining the Defense Industry Base requirements for success. We will assure that you can achieve CMMC compliance with a full assessment and custom roadmap. We provide a surgical, customized approach identifying resources and processes that work best for your company and culture.

GRACE Framework

We provide a holistic strategy that executives, operations managers and technical experts alike can understand. We will enable you to structurally manage your organization's Governance, Risks, Accountability, Compliance and Execution (GRACE) to meet and uphold the required CMMC requirements.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

A risk assessment and underlying CMMC Risk Management (RM) domain practices underpin the process of identifying, evaluating, and ranking the risks associated with your business operations as they relate to CMMC maturity level compliance.

Our team will evaluate the processes, policies, and procedures in your environment, plus any third-party vendor and supply chain risks to your company's operations. We will review potential threats such as unauthorized access to restricted information, compromises of reasonable data integrity protocols, and appropriate data lifecycle management processes.

Policy development

As part of our assessment services, we will identify any policy deficiencies or non-existent policies. Post-assessment, we will work with you to develop policies that align to the controls specified in your targeted CMMC level and tailor the policies to fit your organizational environment. We will review these policies for accuracy prior to the publication of your formal policies.

Plans and Actions for Milestones (POA&M)

Plans of Actions and Milestones list out identified deficiencies or vulnerabilities; define mitigation or remediation steps and estimated timelines for completion. These documents will constitute the actionable portion of our assessment. We will work with you to draft your customized action plan and timelines in alignment with current CMMC guidance.

CMMC 2.0 allows for POA&Ms with a maximum lifecycle of six (6) months from assessment completion.

We can bring in the Calvary. As part of the compliance journey we will return to reassess progress against your documented POA&Ms and determine your level of completeness and ensure you meet your mitigation and remediation targets. Our team of experts remain available throughout the POA&M process to assist you during your journey.

Gap Analysis

Our tenured CMMC assessment staff have over 30 years of government and regulatory experience and a broad range of demonstrated corporate governance. 

Our CMMC experts work with your teams and leadership to identify any existing policy, process, and maturity gaps, develop mitigation strategies, and cultivate a culture of security awareness and compliance.

Need help with your cybersecurity compliance?

Our experts helped write the CMMC policy. Contact us for a free CMMC plan overview and let's assess your situation together.